Do You Use Your Phone Effectively?

I don’t use email, calendar, web in my phone. I actually rarely even call anybody. Nor send SMS messages. I think I usually try to avoid using my phone, although I keep it near me most of the time I’m awake.

I think my phone is more about giving people possibility to reach me, rather than me to reach people. I prefer using blog, email and skype for staying in touch with people.

Lately I’ve seen some non-profession related benefits for getting some smart new phone (things like getting pics or recording some family events or small things, or perhaps using google maps while traveling and stuff like that – nothing too dramatic though).

But for profession, I’ve managed to avoid my phone pretty effectively. And, I’m happy with the situation.

Reiner Knizia (world known board game designer) said that he doesn’t have a cell phone. He’s too busy working, and he doesn’t need interruptions. I think that’s pretty interesting way to look at things (and I suppose it fits well for a designer).

What about you. What kind of phone you have? Do you really need it? Are you more effective now, or is the phone actually slowing down your progress?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I like using the phone, I like staying connected. I don’t use it that much for texting/calling, but at least once a day with a few exceptions isn’t rare. I also like browsing, quickly search for things or check social networks (I currently work at one, so its easy to get sucked into ;)).

  2. Sounds great. Looks like you guys have bought the thing and actually using them beneficially.

  3. I hate talking on the phone and rarely do so. I prefer written communication via text, email, or facebook. With that said, I own an iPhone.

    I have this appetite for information and wanting to receive that information wherever I am and my phone allows me to do that. I can email on the go, check blogs and news on the go. Have access to maps, phone-books, etc., on the go. It is amazing for me.

    I don’t look at my phone as a phone because I don’t even use it as a phone. I look at it like a portable pc that allows me to connect online whenever I choose.

    Am I more effective with it? For the reasons given, yes. Is it slowing my progress? Sometimes I can become burned out from information overload so I actively participate in “Blackout weekends”. Meaning no phone, or pc.

    I also agree with Lumooja, it is my backup alarm clock.

  4. I’m mostly the same as Juuso. I don’t use my phone for much. I have a few games on it to pass the time if I get stuck somewhere without other entertainment. I’m a bit strange in that I don’t carry a whole lot of tech gadgets with me. I don’t even have an iPod (I have a mini-SD card in my phone with songs I use on airplanes).

    I think the main thing is to use technology as a benefit, not as a tether. I keep it so that I can keep in touch with people, not so that people can interrupt me. If the tool goes from serving you to you serving it, then you need to really evaluate its use to you.

  5. My phone is quite useful. I have Nokia Communicator E90. It can receive phone calls, and I can also call with it. It has a big keyboard and big cinemascope widescreen display. I use the outside display at night as a flashlight, after I have turned all lights off.

    The big keyboard is good when writing SMS messages, and also when writing posts on the web. The web browser works also nicely. The big display is also good when I buy electronic train tickets, so I don’t have to print them out, but I just show the phone display to the conducteur, and he can even scan it with his barcode reader directly, few times they have done that, but maybe not all come to such crazy ideas. But I will remind them next time.

    It has also a map and GPS which is nice so you can see where your are. It worked even up to Gran Canaria. I saw all the streets there. The battery is also the most long lasting of all phones, it can last up to 3 weeks with one charge. Oh, and the camera is also useful, it gets kinda OK quality pictures.

  6. I just got a Nokie E75 with all the functions you just wrote about. I don’t call a lot but I do use it a lot for e-mail, RSS, Twitter and other internet/community related stuff.

    But before this I used a normal prepaid phone (Nokia 3100) for almost 5 years :-). It’s just that it’s useful to check my mail with it.

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