How To Use Alexa To Find More Places To Get Traffic

This is a brief tip on how to use Alexa to get hints on where you might get traffic. Alexa is a free system that compares (inaccurate) traffic amounts to several sites. While it’s inaccurate, it’s still usable.

For example, if I want to get some ideas on where I could try to hunt people who like Dead Wake game, I can type the following url in the browser and get a list:

On that page, it says:

Something Awful – The Internet Makes You Stupid

Goldeneye Source – A Half-Life 2 Modification

Dark Throne

The community of Dark and Light



12FootTall – Your Gaming Portal!

These related links appear based on this: if many users go directly from site A to site B, the two sites are likely to be related. Basically, people who visit in Dead Wake site, also visit from these sites (More details on Alexa’s page)

From these, I can see that there’s several gaming sites to which I can approach and consider advertising, link exchanges, email list renting – or simply participating in their communities and promoting my game.

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