How To Use Alexa To Find More Places To Get Traffic

This is a brief tip on how to use Alexa to get hints on where you might get traffic. Alexa is a free system that compares (inaccurate) traffic amounts to several sites. While it’s inaccurate, it’s still usable.

For example, if I want to get some ideas on where I could try to hunt people who like Dead Wake game, I can type the following url in the browser and get a list:

On that page, it says:

Something Awful – The Internet Makes You Stupid

Goldeneye Source – A Half-Life 2 Modification

Dark Throne

The community of Dark and Light



12FootTall – Your Gaming Portal!

These related links appear based on this: if many users go directly from site A to site B, the two sites are likely to be related. Basically, people who visit in Dead Wake site, also visit from these sites (More details on Alexa’s page)

From these, I can see that there’s several gaming sites to which I can approach and consider advertising, link exchanges, email list renting – or simply participating in their communities and promoting my game.

2 thoughts on “How To Use Alexa To Find More Places To Get Traffic

  1. Aye. Google is awesome. This is more like “additional tool” into arsenal.

  2. Hey Juuso,

    You could also do the same with Google Webmaster tools and Good Analysis, in fact I would prefer using these than Alexa. It is much more indepth