Twitter Just Became My #1 Traffic Source Referring Site

Update: Shite… I was being bloody blind today. I watched referring sites which counts only about 25% of the whole traffic. This means Twitter is number one referring site, but not traffic source. I guess I should open my eyes. Search engines (50%) and direct traffic (24%) still are good compared to referring sites (26%) traffic.

Most of the traffic that comes to GameProducer.net is coming through twitter. Some people have reported that they prefer Twitter over RSS (which is understandable). Nevertheless, this is pretty darn interesting – I couldn’t see this coming.

What’s your experiences with Twitter (in terms of traffic generating tool)?

(Just for the record: there’s now 393 guys following me at the time of writing.)

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Juuso, how exactly are you using Twitter to draw people to the site? Sounds like it’s working well for you, I just don’t quite understand it yet.

  2. @Koen – I think Twitter is a good marketing tool. Now, I live off RSS feeds as it helps me visiting every single website I am associated with. There is a lot. Though, when news break, I know it will possibly take 30-45 minutes for it to propagate to my rss feed, maybe longer if the site hasn’t made any updates in a while. The main problem for me is the delay from posting to picking it up in RSS.

    Twitter is instant. I check it more than my RSS feeds because I can quickly scan the posts and now when to hit up my RSS reader to check out a new post from Juuso :-) I leave all the personal info to Facebook…though a few tweets may be personal but very little.

  3. This is indeed a surprise! Juuso, on WordPress there’s a plugin called “Feed Statistics” which gives you an overview of the number of feed subscribers, their clients, etc. Maybe you should compare your normal RSS subscribers with those from twitter, which might be very interesting. Remark that it takes a few days for that plugin to build up the subscribers list.

    I’ve been avoiding Twitter because I don’t see the point in knowing what someone is doing every minute of the day, but this post made me realize that it might be a good marketing tool…

  4. I also find it quite surprising that people use Twitter to follow feeds (I prefer following RSS stuff generally). I find it surprising anyway.

    Your comment left me thinking:

    “That’s not what Twitter is about.”
    what’s it about…? :)

  5. “Some people have reported that they prefer Twitter over RSS”

    I find that very surprising. I personally can’t stand it when someone is polluting my Twitter feed with just links. That’s not what Twitter is about.

    Anyway, my guess is that most people are reading your content in an RSS reader, and that you’re only getting a hit from the reader. ie: If 1000 people read your blog through Google Reader, you’re likely only seeing it once as a hit from Google Reader.

    Maybe you should put a small image in your feed to see if you can also track the people reading it…

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