Here’s One Question You Should Avoid Asking (Or Answering)

I just asked myself a question: “how much time I’ve spent on different game development forums?” (A lot)

That’s not the scary question.

The scary question is: “has that been worthy use of my time?” That’s the tricky one.

First I’m almost getting scared of just thinking how much time I spent for example at the Blitzcoder forums (those were the times, the good old times…), Dexterity boards, Indiegamer… and many others. I think that in the last 9 years I’ve spent quite a bit of time there. Quite a long bit of time actually.

It almost scares me to think that some of the time has been “wasted”, but luckily that’s not the way I should think. Even though I’ve perhaps written many forum posts that carry little or no meaning in terms of my progression in the gaming industry, all those posts and time spent has helped me in many ways. I’ve seen what eager wannabe game developers wanted (I can just “list my posts” to get the idea by the way). I’ve been part of communities that have then evolved. I’ve actually progressed in the gaming industry bit by bit. I’ve seen all kinds of stuff happening.

All things cannot put into numbers.

I’ve made friends. I’ve had good time there.

Would I be making games today if there hadn’t been any forums like those? Quite unlikely – or at least in the scale I do today (through my own company, actually earning $$$ for making this stuff I really enjoy doing).

Even game developers are social creatures, no matter how much they sit in front of their computers and are afraid to talk to girls in real-life.

That’s why online communities are good. It’s not waste of my time to participate in relevant communities.

As long as I’m not procrastinating due the communities I’m sure I’m doing just fine.

Oh, this reminds me. I gotta zombie game to code now…

Juuso Hietalahti

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  1. At first the Blitz forums were very useful for helping me learn the language. Then I began using them socially, and it was fun and I made contacts who helped me with my games. I also used the forums to refine and sell my BlitzMax framework (made over $10,000), so that worked well. But yes I wasted a certain amount of time in pointless threads. Indiegamer was more business focussed for me, I learnt a lot and made some good contacts to the extent that I got offered my job at BFG! Still, there was probably some time wasted on that forum as well. Then there’s blogs. Most have been very useful to me though. I have wasted some money on a couple of marketing info products that I never implemented, but not much, and I daresay that lots of people could say the same.

    So overall I personally feel OK about the time I spent on forums/blogs, but I do spend lots less time now that I know more. I just go to key ones and scan them and only get involved if I can help or I need to know something.

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