Adrian Crook On Casual Games

I had this brief chat with Adrian (Relic’s formed producer, independent professional today) this morning (or last night depending where you live). Adrian was in the Casual Connect (roundtable session) and here’s some points from our discussion and about what Adrian commented (I’ve copy pasted these lines from our chat):

  • “Way more online and social games devs now than 2 years ago”
  • “Trial to purchase casual seems dead by comparison (it seems trial to purchase peeps are all trying to migrate to free-to-play (f2p) models, microtrans, subs, ads, etc. There’s obvious barriers though: demographic for trial to purchase is different… player expectations are different too)”
  • “Lot of price pressure in trial to purchase casual… bundling, discounts, etc”
  • “Margins being squeezed”
  • “Just really sucks for those game devvs”

I asked “what’s the best model” in Adrian’s opinion. His reply.

  • “For me, microtrans and subs are best models… I am interested in CPA (cost per action), but not sold on it. “
  • “Ads are way down on the list”

What else:

  • “Conference is bigger now… more floorspace”
  • “New floor space is all for online tech (flash game devs, payment processing companies, etc) – not trial to purchase casual game devs or pubs (i.e. spintop, popcap, big fish, etc)”
  • “And the online flash game portals seem more and more like king-makers. They are super important now – drive a lot of usership”

Was a really nice chat, I was especially surprised about “online” & “social” after hearing negative words about multiplayer only games.

(Sales stats coming tomorrow… or maybe day after that. Stay tuned.)

Juuso Hietalahti