Man I Hate Fever

It sucks to be ill. Especially when you’ve promised to deliver something yesterday. I promised to get Dead Wake community version out this weekend (aimed for yesterday, but said that I’d do it “on Sunday”). Well, guess what – now I got this fraking fever and a sore throat.

I feel faint and bad due being ill, but I feel much worse for not being able to do what I promised.

This sucks.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Ah, I see what you are saying.

    Well… I don’t have stress nor worry… but I must admit that I did ate pizza/junkfood the last week (of course excercised too, but still..). :)

  2. @Juuso: Yep that sounds like a likely cause, but the real question is why was your immune system receptive? Lowered immune system can be due to stress/worry etc or bad diet or of course just bad luck :-) When I’m around people with colds I am a bit cautious like not touching my mouth, nose or eyes (that’s how the virus enters), and washing my hands etc. But I’d love to be so chilled and healthy that I have a rock solid immune system like some people have.

  3. @Jake: True.

    Although this might be caused by the fact that 3-4 days ago I played Battlestar Galactica with a group of people where one guy had got a slight fever and sore throat. We were eating chips from the same bowl and managing same plastic tokens. ;)

    @Sargon: Yeh, I know. I got bit too carried away, so I’m not really blaming the fever (should never promise anything you aren’t pretty much 100% capable of providing). It just sucks that I got the fever now (didn’t see it coming) – but the blame is on me.

    I’ll now relax and get the version out “when I can”. Period :)

  4. Too bad. :/
    Well, I wish you will get better soon.
    Maybe that could be a reminder that when yhou promise something with a deadline, you should usually take some safe time as well.
    But anyway, I don’t think you should worry about it too much. :)

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