Why Am I Doing This? (Why Are You Doing That?)

Just read comment from one of you readers:

hi, im new here, this is my first post to this blog, i just ask to this blog owner, what is your target to build this famous blog with million traffic? does it including for making money? can you reply my question to my mail? thanks very much for your apreciation, i pursiate that if you want to reply my answer,

While I won’t be answering via email, I thought that the question was so interesting that I just had to write the answer here, in a specific blog post.

So… why do I do this stuff? (stuff here meaning writing this blog)

Here’s some things that have happened to me after I started writing this blog:

  • I’ve got some pretty cool contacts ranging from producers from top notch companies such as EA, Sony, Relic, and many more
  • Even cooler: I’ve come to know many, many more indie developers than I did earlier
  • Almost million unique visitors have been here on this blog (that’s pretty cool)
  • I’ve got job offers from some nice places (even from here in Finland, and we don’t have many companies here)
  • I’ve got to work with various really interesting companies and I’ve been able to help people out
  • There’s people saying that they like the site content (that’s like the best thing to hear)
  • I’ve got some decent deals and got some decent income from various places
  • I’ve managed to share some pics of our dogs
  • I’ve learned a lot

But… none of these is the main reason why I like to (do gaming stuff and) update this blog. The “thanks” part is of course really nice (and can’t blame for any $$$), and even though there’s like million people who have came here, the main reason why I do this stuff is:

  • Because I like doing this stuff.

It’s just simple as that.

I like writing this stuff. It really didn’t matter to me whether there was 1 or 1000 or 1 million people reading this stuff. I… just like doing this and now have been doing this for like 4 years or so. When the site traffic went up, I continued writing. When it got down, I continued writing. When it got back up again, I continued writing.

I guess this is no different from you guys who read this blog: you also like doing indie stuff and will be doing that even if you were the last person on earth. (Hey, that’s a good definition for indie I’d say)

We just like doing this stuff and keep on doing as long as it’s fun. Right?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. “Because I like oing this stuff”

    a great point man! I totally agree with you it’s better to o what you like no matter how much you get pai
    I’m also currently oing game eveloping job as a sie job (it’s my first game btw) an I’m hoping to change this sie job to a full time occupation

    this topic has bring me a great inspiration,thanks

    amn it! the button next to ‘s’ an ‘f’ isn’t working >_<

  2. @Juuso thank you for the link! I haven’t looked through all of it yet, but it’s very useful so far. Much appreciated. :-)

  3. Jake: must have been that Aikido that trained you to be such a greedy guy! :)
    (great points)

  4. My favourite thing is to do what I love for loads of money! You don’t have to do what you love and get paid poorly or do lots of long hours. Although at first as you gain skills that may be the case but later on when you are an expert and have networked and have taken lots of opportunities then you should be able to earn great money doing what you love because you are providing value to lots of people (like this blog).

    Certainly if you are hating your job, quit and do what you love even if you take a big drop in income. Optimise your living expenses and try hard to make ends meet. If you want to do it enough, the sacrifices should be acceptable. Remember that it’s good to have a business focus whilst doing what you love so that you can survive and begin to make good money.

    Another approach is to devote your spare time to doing what you love so that you can quit your sucky job as soon as you are making money from your part time pursuit. That’s the “safe” route but it’ll take a lot longer than just going for it 100% and having no safety net so you HAVE to succeed.

    That’s my 2 cents (having done the 100% route and succeeded)

  5. Ghandi, don’t worry about incorrectly typing posts in English too much, I know plenty of Americans that write way worse than you do.

    @Jusso- Just to let you know I also come here for the content, and you’ve inspired a lot of us producer wannabies to get out there and make ourselves known, thanks for that!

  6. Doing what you like while and at same time getting money from it (even though not as much as by doing something different) – is in my personal opinion – one of the keys to the happiness. You can put as much effort as you can and you never regret that. When I look at other people I can say that it’s not something common as we may think. We can consider ourselfs lucky!

  7. wow, i dont believe this! you make a special post for my question yesterday.
    you’re very nice person, thanks so much man, (im sorry to make a wrong word in last sentence “want to reply my answer” , it should be “want to reply my question”, hihi, im sorry, im from indonesia, my english languange is not well.) i hope we become a bestfriend, thanks so mr …?

    oh, i just wanna talked to you, i’ve make a free blog from blogspot too, but, my new blog is not famous well, im very sad about this happen. but i keep trying to be a best blog in the world, haha

    once again i said, thanks so much to reply my question!!! :)

  8. “Because I like doing this stuff.”
    And that, is the best reason to do anything if you ask me. So many people go to work hating it each and every day, being cranky all day thinking about how much they hate it.

    I’m trying to get in the industry myself. Sure I could earn more money elsewhere, and work less hours too probable. But I wouldn’t like that job at all, in fact I’d probable hate it. Call me crazy, but I rather take a job I like, even if the pay is lower and there are more hours.

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