Pure Sudoku Sales Stats Update (Pricing Experiment That Worked)

Mark from Glowing Eye Games kindly shared his Pure Sudoku sales statistics in the past and now he approached me and wanted to share an update for his stats.

Game Title: Pure Sudoku
Previous sales stats info: available here

Update by Mark:
“Pure Sudoku had its price changed from $9.99 to $5.99. Sale numbers increased significantly partly due to the price change and partly due to additional promotional efforts that brought in 50% more visitors to the website each month. Below I have made sure that my figures compensate for the additional visitors due to the promotional efforts.

Before the price change I was selling 20-25 copies of the game a month. So $200 to $250 in income before commissions being paid each month (but note I pay a European sales tax for copies of the game sold in Europe).

After the price change here are the numbers (income, before commission, but including sales taxes on European sales).

March = 45 copies = $302.06
April = 31 copies = $183.15
May = 38 copies = $225.80
June = 79 copies = $463.45
July = 64 copies = $380.06

Now if we take an average income of $225 before the price change we can see that my overall income for March to April was nearly unchanged (average of $237, a 5% increase). However even with a 50% increase in visitors for at the old price point which would have expected to get $337.50 for each month, it appears that my price change may have brought me an 11% increase in income for the June and July months.

What is great is that the game continues to sell and find fans, and even though the results aren’t a major increase it does make me happy to know that more people each month are enjoying the deluxe version. It’s likely I will keep the current price.”

Bottom line
Price change from $9.99 to $5.99 resulted in 11% increase in income for the June and July months.

More information
Mark’s main development site is: Glowing Eye Games
His Solitaire Games website: Solitaire Paradise

Thanks Mark for sharing this story, and update. I find it really great for us all to get these type of stories where you experiment with the prices and see how things go. For Pure Sudoku this certainly worked.

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Juuso Hietalahti


  1. No idea how it goes in the end. Casual games seem to be getting pressure to put the prices down.

  2. Interesting statistics. The new price looks like the prices displayed by Big Fish Games. The Sodoku market is probably very competitive, so low prices are required, but generally the prices tend to get lower for all games. I am wondering if this will be the new trend for all games.

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