Cooperative Online Multiplayer Games?

I typed words “cooperative online multiplayer game” in Google and wanted to see what kind of list of games I could get. Well, not a huge one. Take a look at here:

In the top of the list, I could see list of cooperative games for Xbox 360 (Wikipedia).

Then, quite near the top was some free coop game (I have no idea what this game is)

And then there was some links to discussion about “where to find cooperative online multiplayer games” – threads such as this.

Steam of course has many multiplayer games (and Half-life mods). GameStreamer also has their list, but I wonder if there are any publishers strictly focused on cooperative multiplayer games?

Interestingly, from (physical) board games, there’s a big list of them available (at board game geek).

Where are the coopeartive online multiplayer games located? Who is publishing them?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. There’s alot of good coop multiplayer games out there. Tho most of them are quite old.
    Diablo series, sacred series, doom and quake ;)
    It seems coop has been ignored lately on PC tho.
    Consoles have tons of coop;
    Halo, Army of two, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, House of dead etc.

  2. I think he’s speaking specifically about games that feature multiple players working together against and AI, or some other objective. This is sort of an untapped market and I’m rather surprised so few have picked up on it.

    People do, in fact, flock to these titles when they’re released. Take Left4Dead for example.

  3. Does a game such as BF1942 count is coop?
    Its two teams against each other.
    Or is coop only against the computer AI?

  4. I guess coop is more fun with friends than with unknown people. That explains why there is so many board games like this and so few on-line.

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