I’m a Casual Hardcore Gamer (And Developer)

Kind of.

Some days ago I was pondering what kind of games I like to play, and what kind of games I like to develop.

I kind of feel that “hardcore gamer” and “casual gamer” are a bit limited categories. I think that ten (or more) years ago I had tons of free time to spend into gaming. I played a lot. All sorts of action/rpg/sports/whatnot games over and over. All games I played could be considered to be “hardcore” type of games.

Today, I still play “hardcore” games. But the difference is that I play them casually. I don’t play 8 hours in a row. I don’t play every week. Sometimes a month or two might have passed and I notice that I haven’t played any video games. For the past weeks, I’ve taken some time to play some games casually.

A typical playing session for me could be that I spend like one hour playing some online multiplayer game, where the map hardly changes and rounds last like 10 minutes or so. The game is hardcore, my participation casual.

I feel this also affects on what sort of game I’m developing (and to some extend on what I’ve developed, or planned to develop).

I don’t see myself doing casual games, nor I have much interest in playing them. (With that being said, I’m of course checking them out and figuring out what works there, that could work elsewhere…)

Any other casual hardcore gamers (or developers) out there?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I definitely come under the casual hardcore description, as I like to play games, from casual to hardcore, for short times that range for hardcore intensity to a casual laid-back style. I wish I had the time and money to play more games, but neither are really available to me at the moment. I’d play some of the free MMOs, but I find most of them to be not worth the time.

    I agree with Brian, and am looking forward to playing with the Push Button Engine (http://pushbuttonengine.com/) to create flash games. I see a lot of potential in that space for doing games “right” and giving free limited versions out as advertising. Could be a lot of fun too, as Flash doesn’t have the giant technical requirements of some other platform specific paths.

  2. I think a good developer takes experiences from multiple sources. An FPS developer who only plays FPS games is limiting him- or herself severely. I think that any “hardcore” developer who won’t even touch casual games is also limiting their experiences.

    Personally, I like to play Flash games. I think that that platform is finally becoming mature enough that we might start seeing really great games come out for it that go beyond the “5-minute casual” game experience. But, I wouldn’t have first-hand knowledge of this without playing various games that “true hardcore” developers would turn their nose up at.

  3. me too. same reason. too busy. If any of you think you are busy, then try having kids (if you haven’t already) ;-)

  4. Heh,
    Superficially, I am like you.
    I don’t play hardcore games as much as I used to.
    Part of that is because I have become too busy.
    And part of that is because I am very picky with what I am playing.
    Well, the two are related, I am picky because I don’t have that much time available or patience to play every game that comes out.

    I think I prefer to invest my time in a select few good games, rather play everything that comes out.
    And because I have a lot of experience in games, I also can identify games that won’t give me a very excellent gameplay experience I am looking for.
    So I am quick to drop games I don’t like.

    I am like you superficially, because currently I don’t have any game to play I really like. I play a bit demos of games, but they don’t fill me hours of gameplay.
    I am looking forward to several games though, and might purchase an XBOX sometime, sooner or later.
    The last good hardcore game I player would be zeno clash.

  5. I guess I’m also a casual hardcore gamer myself.Like you, lacking time because of my own game, I play hard core games casually. But I also grew found of real causal game. From the casual games on PC to the game on my iPhone, I like tons of different games.

    However I still consider myself a hard core gamer since I’ve been playing my whole life, own several consoles, play MMOs and dedicate several hours each weeks on gaming, most of the games I play now are casual because they allow shorter sessions and thus are more convenient with my current life style.

    I’m also developing a browser game which is casual but this more a choice of budget. This type of game are cheap and easy to make for indies.

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