Bribe Me! (Just Got King of Fighters XII to Test)

Here’s me with my just received bribe in my hands.

I recently got a review copy for King of Fighters XII and while I haven’t checked it out yet, I wanted to mention that I’m open for similar bribes. Right now I’m interested in physical copies (since they look better in pictures), and especially games for Playstation 3.

I look forward into checking in how this game runs… I have no idea if I’ll like it but this certainly brought me memories about the visit I did to Turkey 15-20 years ago when we kids played Street Fighter II every day… anyway, I’ll report back later.

Here’s a King of Fighters XII trailer for those interested.

Small tip for bloggers: using ads and stuff like that isn’t the only way to “monetize” your blog, just ask people to send you goodies and you’ll be surprised on the stuff you can receive.

Juuso Hietalahti