Contest: The Whine Free Week Challenge

Monday is gone, but it’s not too late for the Whine Free Week Challenge.

Contest prize:
I’m giving a pretty darn good prize here: a lifetime Insiders membership (worth tons of money & time). The contest is available for current Insiders as well.

(Those of you who are unfamiliar with the Insiders service, I’ll tell that basically it’s a “club” whose members get beneficial goodies such as access to indie PR service for games, ebooks and material about game development & production, access to top secret whine-free special private forums, network with other cool guys and things like that. Tons of goodies that members enjoy. There’s now close to 100 members.)

Contest rules:
Basically – the idea is that in this week the participants will reduce/stop whining. Participants includes me. This means that whining needs to be stopped at work, home, hobbies, forums, anywhere for this week (challenge ends on September 1st).

Whenever you see yourself whining or thinking negatively, you need to stop doing that and remind you about the Whine Free Week challenge.

If you see somebody whining on forums, link to this post and tell them to stop whining. Gently.

If you hear people whining around you, tell them about this challenge.

If you are a guru who never whines, you are labeled as a liar.
(Just kidding here.)

The Winner
The winner isn’t the one who is not whining this week (surprise, surprise), but rather the person who gives us the best report about his whine free week. You can report your whine free week via Twitter (see also #whinefreeweek) or simply via your Blog in case you own one.

I want you to write about situations where you (1) stopped whining or (2) were about to start whining but remember this contest. If you (3) see somebody whining, show us what you did (including all the flamewars that were started). Tell also (4) if others reacted differently (like your kids, friends, family).

If you don’t have Twitter nor Blog, then simply track your progress by writing comments to this blog post. Whatever gets the message public is just cool.

Fun, good report & sharing information about this challenge should rank pretty high in the contest…

Help make the world bit less whining…
Please share this info with others. If you have a blog, please consider mentioning this post in your site. If you have a Twitter, remember to retweet and participate.

And the contest begins
In summary:
1) Stop whining
2) Write what happened
3) (Win Insiders membership – somebody gets it)

Let’s get going. Ask me if something is unclear.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @Juuso: sure I have too, but it’s a good reminder to have something physical. Some people who do this experiment say absolutely no complaining about anything, a more sensible approach I heard about was that if you complain it must be immediately followed with your proposed solution otherwise it is just a pointless whine.

  2. I’d say there is a different between constructive criticism, informing of a problem and whining. Mostly, were you being whiny when you informed the person. If it’s a “just to let you know” to when you are supposed to, such as telling somebody about a design problem or similar. You don’t have to be whiny to get the point across, nor does “lodging a complaint” have to be complaining. For instance with the howling dog, telling the people in charge that it was a problem is one thing, because that’s proper feedback, but making a big deal about how annoying, inconvenient etc… it was is not feedback, it’s whining.

    Basically, is it proper communication in a way you are supposed to, or are you going overboard and making a big deal out of personal grievances. If nothing else, think of testers. Testers are supposed to report bugs in the system and possibly report their reaction, but they aren’t supposed to be whiny or complain about the bugs, just inform.

  3. I can’t stop whining, I am sorry.
    At least as long as I work part time in a job I am not satisfied with.
    So I will have to “retire” from this competition.

  4. @Tobias: yes, cynical counts as well :)

    @Chris: hah hah, awesome story! :)

    @Jake: do you ever need to switch the wristband from one hand to another…? ;)

    @AnttiKi: yes, that’s whining. :)

    @Lumooja: stop whining. :p

  5. I think it’s counter-productive to stop whining, because the root of the problem should be fixed, what causes the whining :)

  6. I need to add that the mere thought of a lonely dog did not in fact keep me awake — it was the howling.

  7. I’m wondering about the borderline cases. For example, my neighbor kept me up last night until 1:30 AM by leaving her huge dog home alone when she was in a bar drinking beer (or so I guess). I’m definitely complaining to the housing cooperative. Is that considered whining?

    And next week, we’ll have a non-hairsplitting week :)

  8. This is great. I love to do this too. I have white wristband that I wear and when I complain I have to swap it to the other wrist. The aim is to get through a day without swapping it. Then a week, then a month etc…

    Sometimes it’s hard not to join in when other people around you are just complaining. But it is possible even if you have to just stay silent. Sometimes though it’s fun to suggest something positive about what they are complaining about. Try it!

  9. Very shortly after reading this post, I had occasion to log into Digg. Now, my Digg password is shared between Digg and some other low-importance sites. However, it’s slightly different on Digg, because that site doesn’t allow punctuation in passwords. I forgot about that when I was entering the password and typed the punctuation anyway, so obviously I got a “wrong password” screen. Flummoxed for a moment, I suddenly remembered about that policy.

    I was about to whine about Digg’s perverse punctuation-prohibited password policy (are we awarded additional anti-whining accolades after allegedly accomplishing advanced alliteration abuse?), but then I remembered this contest and stopped myself.

    I smiled, calmly re-entered the punctuation-free variant of my password, and went on my merry Digging way.

  10. Great idea! There is definitely too much whining and not enough just doing what has to be done around almost everywhere.

    Btw, is being cynical also whining? We do have a lot of fun making cynic comments in our team at work.

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