One Way To Spot When You Are In The Zone (And a Hint on How to Get There)

Yesterday morning, I realized I was bitching about being “busy” with many things. Without getting any further in those complains, I really stopped thinking for a moment.

I asked myself: “What I just wrote in my blog about stopping whining?”

I noticed that “being busy” was really mostly in my mind, and even if I would really be busy – it didn’t help anything to whine about it. I know I felt bad and unmotivated to start and felt that it would be whole day filled with small things that won’t get the project anywhere. I simply decided that now I’d just do it anyway. I spent like an hour or so to do some “cleaning the busyness” and decided to continue working with Dead Wake after that.

I started working and got tons of done. I felt like I was “in the zone”.

At 13:29 I watched the clock and noticed 3 things:

  • I was hungry (hadn’t eat anything for like 4-5 hours).
  • I got tons of done.
  • At this point I felt absolutely no need to complain about anything.

It’s good thing to ignore bad feelings, and… just do it. Soon you’ll notice how your whole feeling has changed after getting into action.

And if it hasn’t, at least you’ve got some stuff done.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. That’s actually why I didn’t try to enter the whine free week contest, I don’t think about whining because it doesn’t help. It’s just as constructive as worrying about somebody in surgery. That is to say it just raises your stress level.

    … Speaking of food though, it’s 12:42 and I still haven’t eaten anything today. I should fix that.

  2. I am always in the zone. Every night I come home and next thing I know, I missed dinner and it’s bedtime. It only felt like I was working at the computer for 15 minutes.

    Like today, I hopped on around 9am and now it’s 2pm and I am starving.

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