What’s The Weirdest/Funniest AI Behavior You’ve Seen Your Game Doing?

I gotta tell this story.

Last night, I was programming one liners in the Dead Wake and I was just recently been putting bit a of zombie AI in there.

Well… 2 zombies appeared in the scene.

I thought they would attack me (the player character) as always, so that I could see some voice stuff in action.

Zombies totally ignored me and… they went towards the dog!
Zombs attacked the dog, who was just standing there.

But the best part is…

The dog totally like destroyed those zombies, and I could hear constant screaming by the zombies.
Two dead zombies was the result.

Totally accidental (since those zombies were supposed to attack me, not ignore me!) – but I did tweak the AI so that they would stop ignoring me…

Anything weird you’ve seen your game doing? Helpful enemies or something like that?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. It wasn’t a game however I was working on drawing some graphics, and one of my bugs caused an interesting looking shape.. I saved it.. just because.. and it ended up being the icon for the program.. =)

  2. This is awesome! I wish you could leave this behavior in. I remember spending a lot of time in Doom running between zombies so they would attack each other by mistake :-)

  3. I work on Black&White a PC game released in 2001. I wasn’t working on the AI (but the 3d engine). I remember 2 unexpected AI stuff that made us laugh.

    The first one was the Ape grabing a beach ball and looking at it. Then it decided that this ball wan’t interesting and through it away. The ball bounced on a wall near by and came back right on the ape face. The ape was violently knock out. Hilarous.

    The second one was the first time the ape pooed. It grab the poo look at it and eat it. Very funny too.

    Both stuff wasn’t coded so it was really cool seying these stuff happening in the game.


  4. Hmm, that reminded me about the time when Sims first came. I believe some guys locked in the guy by building walls, so that the sim was living in one square meter area… and starving to death.

    Not AI behavior though… but for some reason that Ryan’s story brought this memory in my mind.

  5. Not my game, but I remember once in Oblivion, two imperial archers were dueling in the forest. One eventually died, and the other guy walked off as if nothing had happened. Quite funny!

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