It’s Good That Ethics Still Have a Place In The World

I got some emails and comments about the ethics of getting paid to promote something via mailing list. Some people asked if it’s unethical thing to do?

I agree that I could have worded the thing better, but basically… here’s how the story goes.

Let’s suppose you subscribe to some mailing list. Let’s say it’s some game dev mailing list.

When you subscribe to the list, you are announced to get information about news, and products, and promotions and whatnot.

Then you start receiving the emails.

You might not realize, but the game dev mailing list owners get money to show ads and promote stuff in the list. The stuff that you’d hopefully like (since it should be targeted). And if you don’t like it… you can always unsubscribe from the list. All power is within your hands, and nobody else never gets your email (it’s solely only in the game dev mailing list database – as long as you choose it to be).

Now… what I was working on is just the same. Just switch “game dev” with “gamer stuff” and things are pretty equal.

Of course if you have a mailing list where you’ve promised to email only material that’s related for example “Japanese fighting games” and then suddenly start promoting “action race games” or “new game development kit” then of course you are breaking a promise you’ve made to your audience. (Even though some might like the kit news, what they really expected was a new Japanese fighting game).


It’s good that there’s ethics in this world… especially in dealing with emails. Everybody hates spam. Especially when there’s 2078 spam emails in your inbox.

Juuso Hietalahti