What’s The Best Game Feature You’ve Ever Experienced?

I have my favourite.

The feature is in NHL ’95 (the world’s best game by the way). In 2-player mode, when a period ends or when the referee blows in the whistle… the game clock stops.

But the players can still act for like 10 seconds or something (not in “play time”).

In that time (for example before the break between first and second period), you can tackle your opponents (and cannot get a penalty). One might think that tackling the player wouldn’t have any meaning, but the truth is… it has. A big meaning.

When me and my bros played NHL ’95, we were constantly trying to “mock” the guy. If you got tackled big time, the other could laugh or say something nasty (in a brotherly good way of course). It was okay, since we were pretty equal and knew what would happen if you got tackled or if the other guy scores or something.

So… when the periods ended, you could tackle. And the guy who tackled harder got “mental” grip on the other (and of course got the bragging rights – at least for so long until the other player did something better).

Hopefully this doesn’t too cruel… (because it never was) and we really loved playing that game. Over and over. Beating and competing against one another.

So – what’s the greatest feature you’ve ever experienced?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Hah, One of my favorites is simular to your NHL ’95 thing:

    In Little Big Planet on PS3 you can control your character’s arms with analog sticks, head/hips with six-axis motion control, facial expressions with d-pad, and even grab, pull and slap your friends you are playing with. Its a ton of fun doing this when you are waiting for a game to be set up or at the end of a level at the score screen. Players jump around, tackling and grabbing each other and expressing themselves with all the options they provide.

    So much is possible like grabbing your crotch and thrusting or head-banging with your tongue out and power fist in the air. You can do alot more to affect other players too like sticking stickers on them or their “home”, or shooting paintballs at them covering them in paint… It’s too much fun, and its not even part of the real gameplay.

  2. I have to admit Juuso, I did exactly the same thing with NHL games on the mega drive, bash up friends or opponents after the whistle :D

  3. the first command & conquer, where you realized that with enough money stacked, you could by hordes of tanks and do a tank rush with mammoth tanks. What a dominating thrill of a feature..

  4. Actually I agree with Sargon. I played U7 Part 2 and finished it. It was awesome. You could do so much. I once got stuck in a hole and piled up rubbish until I could climb out, this is WAY before games like Deus Ex let you manipulate the environment. And of course you could always make bread in the Ultima games. In U7 Part 2 I even had sex with a barmaid, and later on with an evil female mage!

  5. @Laurent :’96 was 3d-ish… bad game, bad! :)

    @sargon: “what have games taught you” – “well, the usual. kill and rob everyone” :)

    @Jake: :)

  6. I completely agree! The NHL 94-96 2d games were the best! Even with the very high scoring and automated goalie it was a wonderful game. The fighting was outstanding! Especially the trickle of blood.
    For some reason that game encompassed hockey for me better than any hockey game has since.

  7. I think no game have beat ultima 7 as a free roaming game, until this day.
    You could even change baby’s diapers in that game. O_O
    Little thing like a spitting pot, where you would click it twice and it wrote “ptoi!”
    I also enjoyed figuring out how to rob all the stores and everything in that game.
    I never did finish this game, because I never realized there are main quests you need to do to finish the game, I kind of thought you need to kill and rob everyone. lol

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