Are We Evil? (Or Creative?)

In yesterday’s post about best feature, I commented how fun it was to smack your opponent outside the actual gameplay.

Then… several guys reported the same: how they enjoy outside gameplay stuff where you can pester your competitors.

Are we – as players – evil?

Are game designers/developers/producers evil… when they create things which we can use for stuff like this?

(Or are we all just creative? Or both?)

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Another design where you can annoy players outside of the context of the game makes for a game that I won’t play nor buy. Dealing with the idiots on Xbox Live is enough; I don’t need it as part of the design of a game.

  2. I wouldn’t say we’re evil, we’re just a bit curious. As we continue to increase technology and expose our minds to new content, we constantly have a desire to try and do new things. Creating atmospheres within games in which we can do things we can’t normally do in the real world is just another way we do this.

  3. @whiteblot:

    Actually, back in the old CGA / DOS days I used to play a martial arts game where you could kick your opponent’s balls. You got a foul but the other guys was stunned, so you still had an advantage. ;)

  4. “I used my beard stubbles to scratch his chest to make him give up. ”
    hah hah, that’s certainly creative! ;)

  5. Hmm, depends on how mean it gets.. it can quickly turn from fun into conflict but is that evil? Depends on how you perceive it I suppose. :)

    But players do it “in real life”, too. I’ve been in martial arts for a long time (Judo) and sometimes when the referee wasn’t looking and I had my opponent down but he wasn’t giving up, I used my beard stubbles to scratch his chest to make him give up. But no hard feelings whatsoever. ;)

    I think smart game designers know that behavior and model it into their games. Boys will be boys, after all. :)

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