Habits Are Hard To Break

I’ve re-started my “daily blog post” mission for this blog, and it’s strange how difficult it is to break the habit. I just gotta keep publishing these posts. It’s kind of like a public promise I’m giving – and I want to keep that promise.

Creating this sort of habit works for pretty much anything: whether it be game development or using Twitter… it’s hard to break when it has come a habit.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Well… here’s one tip if you want people to reply:
    – first of all: make it easy to reply
    – secondly: write a blog post about piratism.

    No matter what angle you take on that topic, you’ll get replies ;)

  2. I think part of it is that you get people who post comments. When I had that habit, it broke easy, because there was little response. It would also explain the feeling of it being a public promise.

    Seems like there is a social game design gem in that. Maybe it’s just me, but if one could use a system that generates small amounts of interactive “traffic” to people, and them to others as such “traffic”, it might help with player retention. Web terms seemed to describe the idea better than game terms. That’s why I used them.

  3. Other good habits: Drinking enough water. Making sure you get enough sleep. Playing. ;-)

  4. Another good daily habit is exercising, and eating healthily, and of course, doing some work on your game. Also if possible, educating yourself on something. That’s a lot of habits but they are good ones worth doing!

  5. Yes, Hobbits are hard to break.

    (sorry ;-)

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