Are There Really That Many Idiots Online? (Or Am I Just Lucky?)

The games I play are mainly online multiplayer.

Whenever I mention this… I get flooded with answers about “how everybody is idiot online” and how “all games are full of cheaters”. (Okay, this happened once – and haven’t asked this more than once – but kind of makes a more interesting point-of-view in a blog post when you exaggerate “a bit”.)

So anyway.

Am I being lucky?

I’ve played online games for almost a decade (time sure flies), and I think that like 99% or more has been good gaming. There was some incidents that ruined (or harmed) the game: in Rogue Spear one team member constantly exploded a grenade near his teammates. In Battle For Middle Earth there was some players who shouted “n00b” and left the moment they thought that our side was losing (I always played every single game to the final end, even if I knew I would lose – I got thanked for that). And… that’s pretty much it (if you don’t count the one incident where I was playing Zombie Panic mod and one guy started saying Michael Jackson jokes – it kind of felt against the immersion I think).

If I look at my online gaming career… I can say I’m one happy camper. I’ve never really expected cheating in games and never really whined about how bad something goes… and surprisingly I’ve been able to participate in sessions (no matter what the game has been) where people actually work together on something – and things go nicely.

What’s your take on this?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. i can honestly say, yes. lot’s of them.

    I got in the beta for something or other, and in my first game (which was advertised in the server listing as a noob game) I was kicked because I was too noob. I uninstalled after that.

    I have a tendency to play on one or two servers if I’m playing TF, and that way you get to know the people who lurk there.

    : )

  2. It reminds me of a joke.
    A guy gets back home, and then his wife tells him “Be careful when you drive, I heard there is an idiot that drive on the wrong way”.
    To that the husbend replied “Only one idiot? There a lot of idiots driving the wrong way!”

    I will be very careful to call online gamers idiots. Sometimes people feel offended when you call people idiots, even if they were not the people you targeted.
    But I guess you said it only to make a sensational headline.

  3. It also depends on your servers.

    Online gaming sucked as a kid. So much aggro and hate going on.. I always left with a bad mood.

    The only online game where I hardly met any idiots was Quake 3 Arena. Cool people all around.

    Recently I was invited to an online game server (Counter Strike) where more mature players were gaming and it was really enjoyable (I was the youngest with 24 yrs.. the oldest guy was 43 years old).

  4. You’re lucky. Also if you are a woman or look or sound like you would be a woman you often get an added dose of morons hitting on you no matter what you say or do. Or telling you that either you must be useless because of that fact, or they are surprised when you aren’t.

    Perhaps you play games at a time of day that has less morons on though? Or play games that have less morons on?

  5. I rarely play online with people that aren’t in my Friends list. A group of us may play against random people, but I can’t think of the last time I just jumped into a random game online. The amount of idiots out there is incredible.

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