Talk Like A Pirate Day Is Coming

Thanks to Temposaur I now know that talk like a pirate day is coming tomorrow. My hunch is telling me that it’s not about software pirates… but those other pirates who sailed on Caribbean several hundred years ago, with parrots on their shoulder and eye patches covering their – umm – eyes.

Anyway, I thought to skip those Caribbean pirates and talk like a software pirate right away:

  • The Pirate: “Your game sucks. That’s why I don’t buy it. I crack it.” (Juuso: and keep on playing?)
  • “I will buy your game if it’s good enough” (after 5 years he’s forgotten this)
  • “Anyone got licence key for [name of game]?” (yeh we do, we like bought the darn game you know)
  • “EA is evil.” (yeh, so what? Stop whining you whine-whiner)
  • “Piracy isn’t stealing” (technically correct but doesn’t make it any more acceptable…)
  • “You suck!” (loads of sucking I see)
  • “Everybody else is pirating, so shall I” (Hey, I saw bunch of guys jumping off the cliff, I wonder why you didn’t join them?)
  • “I cannot afford to buy games, I only have this brand new Quad-core computer, iphone, PlayStation 3, 40″ inch TV, cable with me” (poor you, I guess all the fancy gadgets took all your money and after all, those darn casual games cost as much as $5.99 so I can totally relate with you)
  • “DRMs suck!” (well, at least this is something I totally agree with)

Any more additions?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I presume you’ve all heard of identity theft, well really it’s identity piracy because you are not left without and identity (how weird would that be), they just make a “copy” of it, same as with piracy. Of course if they use it and spend your money, then it becomes different because it harms you (or your bank balance at least).

  2. “I would have bought your game, too bad I already played it through – in less than 30 hours!!!”

    “I love your games! I cracked them all!”

    “All software should be free! Game developers could get money by adding donor buttons on their websites. They would get really rich! Not that I would pay anything …”

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