Sneaky Way To Price Your Game Higher And Get More Sales

Make it possible for players to pay the game in parts (paying $5.99 for 3-4 times). People are used to paying $5.99, but think $20 is much for casual games. Therefore… let them pay $6 four times (total of $24 minus fees, which takes it close to $20ish profit) and they’ll do it.

Yes, there’s already credit cards that can handle “split payments”, but the psychology of “it’s only $6 per month” is a killer.

Trust me on this.

Or, just try it out for 30 or 60 days and see what happens.

4 thoughts on “Sneaky Way To Price Your Game Higher And Get More Sales

  1. Steven Egan

    You could also do the pay per part, so you only pay for the parts of the games that you want. If you only play the first part, you only play for the first part.

  2. Sargon

    I think this might also be the result of the price drop in portals such as big fish games. Don’t you think?


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