How To Make Decisions

When you need to make a decision, and “don’t know which way to go”, then a really good idea is to talk with somebody whose opinion you trust, and somebody who knows what you are talking about.

Yesterday I had this decision to make about certain aspect of my game. I had planned 2 ways to go, and discussed this with friend of mine (3d artist). I explained him what I could do, and that I probably do this and then practically had made the decision without any help actually needed from him. All he did was to listen and made some comments (also gave one good tip), that helped me to decide.

In a way, it might have looked like he didn’t contribute more than 1% to the decision making, but I guess I was 99% done and needed that last 1% from somewhere.

I’m sure this has happened to you too – several times – but I thought to remind. It’s good to talk to people.

Sometimes people have come to me asking “can I help with something” to which I have said “yes” and the rest of the conversation has been “he saying, me nodding” and then (before I’ve had chance to say anything) the guy says he has made up his mind and thanks me for his time.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I make all decisions based on the optimal solution. I just ponder things long enough, and analyze them deeper and deeper until only one option remains as the best. Optimal is just what it literally means, it’s not the cheapest, the best technology, or any aspect at all. It’s just the optimal solution for now and perhaps also for the future, if the future is more important than now, it doesn’t matter either, since the optimal solution choses the right one now.

  2. The best part of my job is discussing design ideas and making decisions with a fellow game designer on the bean bags.

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