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  1. I think this goes beyond “save” & “load” but… I don’t know. It’s interesting concept nevertheless.

  2. That looks like the most boringly complicated RTS ever… Couldn’t you just permanently keep going to the past and restarting battles if you lost in the present?

  3. Hmm, I wonder if I could lose the game the in the future, but win it in the past…

    Andy: I thought the same. Didn’t even try to answer that…

  4. Propogating from the present to the past… dunno, takes time to actually do something? surely if you change something in the past it would be catastrophic to future events… I’m confused…

  5. I actually checked out Braid… but it’s just not my type of game.. I know it sells a lot so gotta appreciate that.

  6. You might want to check out the game Braid too. xD

  7. Well, if reality based on m-theory is 11 dimensional, and everything is possible, so why should games have less freedom than reality?

  8. “3:25 – 3:37?

    Oh, how cool it would be, if only these time-waves (actually different instances of games? that probably somehow merge?).. if only these time-waves were denser. If the changes would propagate instantly (which i guess is hell of a complex algorithm).
    So you could look into future what’s the outcome of current gameplay going to be, and get back and adjust the actions appropriately.

    Though there is a problem with the fact that it would have to simulate your playing in order to predicate the future. Well, maybe that can be solved by shifting the ‘core of the gameplay’ from total control of all units, to just simple planning and delegating fighting patterns to some high-level “commander”-like units..

    Which reminds me of the article I read years ago at:

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