Game Prices Just Dropped to $2.99 (Price Wars Here We Come Again?)

I just spotted that Big Fish Games has started using a $2.99 “daily deals” for those who download their toolbar. Probably all games aren’t affected, but some are. (Who knows if all games will be affected at some point…)

I don’t complain. I don’t develop casual games, I only sell them (as an affiliate) and Big Fish Games keep bringing me some bucks every month so my income from casual games hopefully remains unaffected (well, who knows – it’s not that big deal anyway). But… I would think that there’s a large group of casual game developers who grin when they see such announcements.

I’d imagine these daily deals don’t work for all games in the catalog (and my guess is that Big Fish Games would ask developers if they’d wish to participate – but that’s just my gut feeling, not necessarily true). Of course it might be that eventually all casual games are feeling the pressure. Who knows where this ends, and what kind of price wars this means. (Well, at least the customers should be pretty happy)

Wouldn’t be too surprised if casual games prices eventually land to around 0.99 dollars. As they are for iPhone apps.

And then we start to see “premium casual” games that sell for $9.99.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. As others have said, this is old news.

    Plus, this is the same as Games Du Jour where they had over 50%-60% discounts for a game for 1 day. And they’ve had it since over a year ago.

  2. Today old games… tomorrow it’s new games… ;)

    Uesugi: missed that post.

  3. Already been covered on the Indiegamer forums. BFG only offers $2.99 toolbar deals to developers who agree to have their games included.

  4. It’s old games that they give a boost in sales by dropping the price to $2.99 for one day. Seems to work as they often get quite high in the charts. Sometimes games are sold for $0.99 but normally that’s and older game just before a sequel comes out. The bulk are still $6.99 especially new games. I agree that something like $9.99 for a premium game would be cool (like the 1600 point games on XBLA) but who defines what is premium? Quite a lot of the $6.99 games are incredibly well polished and could classify as premium right now.

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