Couple of Tricks To Get Traffic Your Game Deserves

I really shouldn’t be saying this, because I’m pratically helping my own game’s competitors to beat me, but I cannot help myself so here we go.

When I mention my zombie survival game, I don’t link to my site with a link that says “Dead Wake”. I link to my site saying “zombie survival game”. I do this here, on the forums and behind every other corner of the interne.

The second thing I do is that I ensure my game site’s TITLE tag to have keywords “zombie survival game” in it.

Now, how this affects:

  • When I go to google and type words “zombie survival game” in the search box… I don’t see “Left 4 Dead” there. But I can see my own game there. My game is ranking the second at the time of doing this blog post (and hopefully stays that way).
  • This of course means I get practically free search engine traffic to my site.

(Okay, there’s several other things that affect the rankings, but here’s 2 important parts of this for starters).

So… if you have a forum signature, and if you have a strategy game with sheeps… then you might want to consider using a signature that links to your game site using text “sheep strategy game” instead of “My Great Indie Company”.

I must add that there’s signs that the search engine traffic (for example Google) is replaced by social media site traffic (for example Twitter), but it’s worth doing the basics for search engines too.

This costs nothing and gets you visibility, so there’s really no point not to do this.

Juuso Hietalahti