Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Dude, what are you whinging about? Turn them off if you don’t like them. And if you can’t turn them off, buy a Mac, which does let you turn any or all keyboard shortcuts off.

  2. re-reading all the comments.

    I’m now absolutely certain that all this makes no sense.. :)

  3. Ctrl+Q is quit, which makes sense. Q for quit. Then they wanted to close tabs, so they picked the letter next to Q, so W.

  4. @Juuso: CTRL + T opens a new tab so, adding the SHIFT modifier in there to change open into reopen sort of makes sense. Sort of. In some parallel reality or something maybe.

    @Ryan: In the nano text editor CTRL + W is the search (Where is) function.

  5. In emacs, Ctrl-w is “cut”. Emacs has sort of ruined me… I keep doing Ctrl-s to try to search and end up saving.

  6. FYI: CTRL+SHIFT+T will reopen a tab in newer versions of Firefox.

  7. Well, look at it this way: as a hardcore FPS gamer, your fingers go automatically over the WASD keys anyway when you use a keyboard, no matter in which business application you might be :)
    And Ctrl/Shift/Alt are also ready for crouch, run, prone.

  8. Ctrl+S for save, that I can handle… but Ctrl+W to do ten different things… sigh.

  9. Yep, cmd-w has been closing windows on Macs since the ’80s. Whether it existed at Xerox PARC is another question.

  10. Actually Microsoft uses Ctrl-F4 to close child windows, even in Visual Studio 2008 C++ still. All professional software uses Ctrl-W to close windows, like NotePad++, IBM Lotus Notes, etc…

  11. Oh well. In Blender 3D Ctrl-W is the shortcut to save your file. Now I keep closing windows in other apps when I try to save my work… :)

  12. Somehow my brain does not understand it. The same way it won’t understand Alt+Tab.

    Maybe it was invented to give exercise to fingers.

  13. Actually, thank you, I didn’t know that. I always use the middle mouse key.
    However, what’s so bad about i? It’s just another random short key.

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