We Game Developers Are Whine Masters (Free Business Tip About Dealing With Portals)

Here’s a fun experiment to do:

    Go to your favourite game development forum

  • Search something about “portal”
  • Count all the posts where people whine about portals (favourite topics including stuff such as “they’re evil”, “they pay shitty”, “prices are too low”, “piracy is overwhelming”)
  • Join the fun and become a master whiner. I’m sure within no time, practically anyone can become a master portal-whiner.

(I’m no better either. In case you didn’t notice: I just whined about whining…)

Or alternatively here’s a 100% free tip for those of us who complain about portals:

if portals are such a bad idea, then like… stop working with them.


Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Portals as in “(casual) game portal” as in for example Big Fish Games.

  2. Can someone clue me in as to what you mean when you say “portals”? I wonder if you’re talking about what I think you are or I’m just incredibly out of the game jargon loop :)

  3. If they are a need then why whine about it? (You shouldn’t whine about things you can’t change right?) Or you could start up your own (better) portal that isn’t as shitty with all the people that are whining, surely.

    I play games on portals a lot, where should I play games that treats developers the best?

  4. The reality is if you have the right sort of game to sell the portals are a necessity and some are much better than others in terms of units sold and developer relations (no names being mentioned ;-)). If you have a niche Indie game, then sure you don’t need ’em.

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