Xbox 360 Or PlayStation 3 – Hmm, I’ll Buy Neither One… But Perhaps a PlayBoxStation?

I discussed with friend of mine about “getting either Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3”. I started making a point that I really have no time to play pretty much anything, so in a way I don’t really want either one. But then again, there’s some cool games that would be fun to test on consoles…

(So far I’ve relied on playing at my bro’s place)

Anyway, we discussed that it’s quite a wonder how games are made either for Xbox 360 or for PlayStation 3. And how it’s pretty expensive thing to handle. Sure, there’s many games that are done for both, but often you get games only for one of these. Xbxo 360 and Microsoft has nice game development community around XNA. Sony has Blu-ray, which is of course cool if you watch movies. Sony’s PS3 is black, which is also a plus.

But for games. It’s tricky. For example, Alan Wake is coming only for Xbox (not even for PC which is a shame). That’s an enough good reason to buy Xbox 360. But then for example Little Big Planet is only for PS3.

So… would I need to get both machines, just to be able to play something I want? Spending 300-400 euros for being able to play Alan Wake sounds pretty expensive.

From a gamers point-of-view, that’s quite tricky. Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 are kind of close to each other in terms of games audience, so I wonder what could happen if these two would combine their efforts… and do PlayBoxStation IV or something (BoxStation? XPlay?).

That would mean:

  • They’d pretty get monopoly over (hardcore) gamer consoles
  • They could set the prices for games (they do this already, but I guess they’d have more power over this)
  • No console price war in hard core gamer audience (Wii is a different thing): nowadays if Xbox price drops, so will Playstation. New PlayBox would cost something and that’s the thing you must get if you want to play games. Spending 300 for Xbox and another 300 eur for PlayStation is like more expensive than spending 450 euros for the PlayBoxStation IV.
  • Lesser game development costs (I’m not an expert on how these things go in the publisher end, but from a developer’s point of view it’s always less expensive when you don’t need to do porting to different platforms…)

So basically, instead of 2 kids fighting, they could become teammates and start bullying others.

Hmm, actually I’m not so sure if this is a good idea after all. Maybe it’s better after all that there’s these 2 rivals in this sandbox fighting each other. Who knows.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I hate them all as I can get enough games that I like on my PC. Screw them and their “I will only have a small selection of games and charge out the rear end for them. I contemplated getting a handheld game console, but then I realised that the games are expensive so I might as well read library books on the bus or play games on my phone (I have battleship – wish the AI was better, connect 4 – wish my AI was better, and backgammon – wish it wouldn’t crash if I get a txt).

    Basically I can get so many more games on my PC that I don’t bother with consoles. Except I’m a big phoney because I have a PS2, but I got that second-hand and pretty much everything that comes out for more than one console comes out on PS2 as well, not that I have that many games for it even.

  2. I love XNA and all but at this point I’d go for the PS3. Most of the good XBox “exclusives” come out on PC as well. The PS3 has some unique games that will never come to PC.

  3. I have the X360 Elite and a stand-alone Samsung Blu-ray player. Never regretted that :)

    The PS3 is a nice machine but I’ve never been a fan of the games on it. So it’s just a personal taste. The games I play the most right now are on Live Arcade. I can recommend Defense Grid (also available for pc).

  4. I also think the 360 is great. Got the Elite because I wanted more storage space. There’s a backlog of really great games you can buy used for a good price plus there are some great games on XBLA. I got one because I’m a game designer and I need to check out the latest games that everyone is talking about ;-)

  5. The Xbox 360 is really great in my opinion (and it actually is available in black for the Elite edtion) but developing games does take a lot of the time away from playing anything on it.

  6. I’ve been disappointed by all of the Xbox games I’ve ever played, and I’ve never really touched a PS3.

    I say stick to NES/SNES. That’s where the good games are. (Or maybe set up a small PC with an emulator so that you can play the great fan-translated Japanese games!)

  7. If it wern’t for the red ring of death, I would say that the XBOX is the better choice.
    I am not sure if not having enough time for playing games is a “valid” excuse. Just because you have an xbox lying in your room, doesn’t mean you have to play it.

  8. The amount of games, and especially the amount of good games in vanishing small on consoles as compared to the PC. On the PC you have literally millions of games, and most of them are free. I haven’t seen a single free game for my PS3 yet.

    The best would be to make a openConsole, which would be just a normal laptop, but equipped with a decent nvidia GPU, and having only the hardware needed for gaming, so it would be cheaper than a normal gaming laptop (around 300€).

    Then Indie developers could also make games for the openConsole. You wouldn’t need a seperate BluRay player and PC either, so all your console and PC and movie player needs would be consolidated on one small device in your living room. With long enough cables or wireless you could have your “PC” then in a corner of the living room, or in the next room.

    But for that 300€ you could just buy another openConsole for your normal PC needs.

  9. For the end user it’s always better if there is a competition. There’s nothing else that drives technology, cost efficiency, etc. better than a healthy competitive market.

    Here’s an example: A few years ago I heard that Microsoft’s profit/income ratio for the Office was like 70%… because they were technically a monopoly.

    Actually, you’re lucky, ‘cos the solution for you is quite simple: your brother has an XBox, so you buy a PS3. Play until bored. Switch PS3 for XBox. Goto start. :)

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