Indie Xmas 2009 (Let’s Beat Together Those Bastard AAA Games)

I got this really funky idea this morning which could mean:

  • I want to get help generate tons of indie game sales. I want to build a huge hyped “xmas portal site” that helps sell tons of indie games this Christmas – all profits going to indies.

Here’s my idea in a nutshell:

  • We’ll register a domain that has “indie” and “christmas” or something like that in it (feel free to suggest ideas!)
  • The site will be bloody simple (think of something like this but a little more texts and download buttons and stuff)
  • The site will have Xmas colors and reindeers and bright xmas stuff (if somebody wants to help make layout, please feel free to show yourself!)
  • Only indies are allowed to submit their games
  • Each game’s position will be randomized with every page load – so every game has equal chance to being shown there. (It could even be an Xmas calendar type of thing where new game or games are revealed every day)
  • There will be images to click and links to click. Only images are hosted here, downloads must be hosted by you.
  • Payments go through your site. I collect zero pennies for this. 100% revenues go for indies and webhosting fees are on my shoulders (when the server crashes due too much traffic, we can ask for donations or something).
  • It would be good if there was a xmas special discounts (maybe something to be revealed in the calendar each day) as many games as possible. Ranging anywhere from 10% to 50% or more discounts. (To give customers more reason to visit the site)

As for promotion:

  • I will use my game release service to promote the site.
  • Naturally I’ll also use this and my own game sites to promote.
  • All indies who participate, if possible, should try promote the site some way (for example via their mailing list, blogs, twitter…)

Of course I’d benefit from this the same way as everybody else: I’d finish my game and put it available through this “indie xmas site” (in absolutely same manner as everybody’s elses game – not my game getting any bonuses or anything for being “owner” of the idea).

If you are interested, please reply in this blog post (or retweet or blog about this) and please suggest some ideas & improvements on how to handle this. Let me know if you are interested in participating or helping improve the design for this idea.

Basically the idea is to beat those bastard AAA games and bastard game portals the next Xmas. (Or at least give them a little nudge… and let *us* collect what’s rightfully ours.)

Viva la indie!

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. We are updating our game by the end of this month, and would love to be in the calendar. slicksandslide.com, browser-spawned Java.

  2. Jusso, I have just read your last post regarding this project. It’s perfect the door/window/area concept. This way all developers will be happy. Any idea about site name?

  3. Good luck for the IGF submission Juuso!

    Agree on the marketing twist for indie xmas! We would be interested to participate with our game AI War : Fleet Command.

    Looking forward to see what’s happening. :)

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