What Pringles Taught Me About Marketing (And Cross-Selling)

When Pringles was introduced here in Finland, I remember myself thinking: “why on earth would anybody buy such expensive chips in such a weird packages?”

Ten years later… I only buy Pringles when I buy chips.

I guess the process went like this in my head:

  • New weird chips? I’ll stick to what’s familiar
  • (later…) Hmm, I guess I could try these new chips for once
  • (more later…) Hey, I could buy Pringles again, those were yammy
  • (more more later…) They actually are darn good together with goat milk cheese. I wonder why I first thought that these were weird chips..

So… something “weird” might get some time for people to get used to it. But… by doing same thing differently (basically Pringles chips were packed in a box, while other chips were packed in a… some thing) at least you get their attention.

By cleverly looking different, they totally got me.

The only thing they missed to do was to make a cross-selling deal with the goat milk cheese manufacturers. Since goat milk cheese + pringles is like awesome combination. They would have got me years earlier if they’d let me know that this is a killer combination.

I guess we all can learn something new every day…

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. What you describe is more or less a marketing concept called “aida”. It means “attention”, “interest”, “desire”, “action”. Is the way used in marketing to know in which type of marketing actions you must spend money depending on which “aida” phase your customers are.

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