What Dynamite Sales And Crunch Time Have To Do With Each Other?

I’ve been doing bit of a “crunch time” here this week. Not a real, real (sicko) crunch time you can see companies doing. But like… worked bit more hours. To me, that’s as close to crunch time as it gets.

Anyway. When doing things, and working totally on something, I’ve benefited from couple of things:

So, after eliminating distractions, there needs to be sensible amount of work to do. No point adding more work that one can handle.

When you have a fixed deadline (such as November 1st) and fixed resources (that would be me), then naturally the 3rd element needs to be flexible: quality. If this is the way you can do your crunch time, and can accept the fact that you might not get everything done (I’ve accepted this principle 4 years ago and makes crunch time stress free).

The problems appear when you try to have 3 fixed variables. Here’s a handy formula to know what happens when you try too much:

Fixed Resources + Fixed Deadline + Fixed Quality = Brain explosion and starting a new career in the field of fishing. With dynamites.

So basically, if you are a producer trying to fix deadline & quality and expect the resources to be more than they can be, you are basically digging a hole for yourself (and helping the fisherman union. And dynamite sales).

So… I just chill out and get done what I get done. That doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t work as hard as I can. It simply means that I work as hard as I can. Not harder.

And then I leave the dynamite fishing to other people.

Now back to work.

Juuso Hietalahti