Indie Xmas Calendar – Concept…

The idea about indie xmas 2009 is going forward. Here’s the thoughts I have about this:

I recommend checking out that blog post – it explains what this is in a detail. Those of you who haven’t heard about this idea, then in a nutshell this is about selling tons of indie games this xmas. 100% profits go to developers.

Here’s some ideas about the site concept:

  • It’s an indie Xmas calendar website
  • 24 “doors” to open, as in Christmas calendars.
  • Each door (slot/hatch/windows/things-that-can-be-opened/whatever you guys call them) reveals (1) an indie game trailer (youtube/vimeo) and/or (2) screenshot and (3) link to game website and possibly (4) link to downloadable demo.
  • Art style is xmas red… we’d need some sort of logo and a nice background. At minimum from some clip art place if there’s no time for something else.
  • Each game’s placement is random (1-24), and the games are equally spread among doors (so, if we get like 24 games, then we have one game per day. If there’s 100 games, then we have 4 games per day).
  • Each day, people get to visit the site and open new doors that reveal new (to them) indie goodies.

I’ll write more about this soon. Comment on this blog post if you got interested.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Good idea – games could be randomised per visitor if there is concern about ‘fairness’ – seed a random number generator from their IP address or something like that :)

  2. This sounds like an interesting idea.

    Even if the game’s placement is random, it seems that the games opened first will have more exposure then the later ones?

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