Move Coming (I’ll Be Offline For One Week Goddamit)

My office (read: corner in me home) is moving to another side of the city. We’ve started packing things (computer naturally is packed last, and unpacked first..) and the actual transport happens on 10th November.

Unfortunately our planned date was 30th, and since we got chance to move earlier, we decided to use it (it’s so much better place, with own sauna and all). Anyway. Due this change in schedule, it means that my network connection won’t be there until 19th day. That means I’ll be offline like over a week or so.

Can’t even remember when I wouldn’t have Internetz at home.

Oh well, more time to use the sauna I presume.

(I guess I’ll have to wander around the city connecting to the virtual worlds to get things moving on Indie Xmas calendar and everything.)

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I was thinking of getting mobile… but thought that in the end it might be a good idea to be one week totally offline.

  2. When I moved, I ordered a new ADSL to the new house, so that I had 2 working internet connections. It’s also a good time to check if you could change your ISP to a better one, like Nebula.

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