300 kB Code

I’m putting my Dead Wake game trial out (doing a few tweaks) for sale. There’s already one trial out but it needs couple of tweaks before I do any promotion on it (now it’s internal).


As I was checking my game code… I noticed that the amount of code has climbed close to 300 kB. I use long variable names (I prefer variable names such as “isZombieReachedHisTargetWaypointMomentAgo” instead of variables where there’s like only letter “r”), so this makes filesizes bit longer. Feels pretty amazing anyway to think that there’s now about 300 000 bytes of text written. Each letter by me.

How much code your game has?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. lol @ ovogame ;-) Quality and fun is what matters, but I would say that for a commercial title you probably have to hit a certain base number of lines before it becomes even viable to sell.

  2. My game is far from complete, yet there are 614kB game code + 124kB framework stuff, plus 103kB tools library, all written by myself. Usually I prefer to count lines, which doesn’t increase just because of long variable names… in line counted, I have about 24kloc in my game, 5100loc in the framework, and 4300loc in the tool library, which is 33.4kloc, and now it might be interesting to know that the complete project, including a number of open source libraries has about 248kloc of code.

    At work we have surpassed 2 million lines of code… and no other libraries included, all that being the work of about a dozen programmers.

  3. King’s Smith has 1.8MB + 0.5MB framework + 80kB dialogs
    Galatron has cca 2.5MB + framework

  4. Unwell Mel was 0.99MB of source + 1.28Mb of framework = 2.27Mb. Fairway was 1.3Mb + framework (which was smaller back then). And I haven’t included text-based data files with that.

    When I wrote business software (Merlio32) we blasted past 300,000 lines (mostly written by me) after a few years. It was huge after 9 years solid work.

  5. Wildhollow (my newest game) clocks in at 427k of BlitzMax code.

    Interestingly enough the dialogue is over 100k, with more than 20k words. That’s a decent novella!

  6. Meridian 59‘s scripts are 6.5 MB. Scripts define the bulk of the gameplay: the server application is a glorified script interpreter, really.

    I didn’t write all of it, of course, but I’ve probably added or edited about 30% of that in total. Kind of interesting comparing an MMO like M59 to the other figures here.

  7. Around 10MB of code for my biggest. After turn around few k for my Flash Games.

    On an other side, i try to limit my variable names to 20 symbols, because after i find it unreadable in the middle of my code, and it increases the chance of typo :D

  8. Mine is about 6MB, but it includes an icon file and a fiew dialoug resource files. Though small parts of this code are not used for my current game.

  9. Smiles’ game code is 2.53 MB. That’s omitting most of the iPhone, Android, and “mystery platform” specific code, but does include the entirety of the PC/Mac/Linux code so far.

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