No Multitasking…

My “office” is moving next Tuesday and we are packing things. Like mentioned couple of days ago, I’ll be offline for about a week or so. I realize that there’s many things piling up in this time: there’s Dead Wake trial (one “candidate” version out) and Indie Xmas Calendar and a few other things as well (Insiders site re-opening and some other).

I realized that there’s no point for me to try get the real sellable trial version out before the move is done. It’s just too much hassle. I’ll also put couple of things on hold for a week or so, and will mainly focus on (1) move (no surprise) and (2) preparing the Xmas site for the launch (after all it’s only a few weeks to go).

No multitasking for me. Better do one thing at a time.

Juuso Hietalahti