“Hey, This Is Better Than Left 4 Dead!”

Some days ago one guy tested the new trial of my zombie game (community version so to speak, new upgraded “official” trial coming out after I get the move done) and he liked it. He said how barricading was fun (which is nice to hear, since that’s one major difference my game has to many other zombie games out there) and that the game is better than L4D.

I know that the guy had made this judgment after testing my game trial for like 2 minutes… but it was nice to hear anyway. I’ve always thought that in game dev, it’s good to hear lies from people – or lie to yourself when others won’t do that.

(Who knows, maybe he actually liked it.)

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I am not sure this is a lie. It is possible that in his personal experience it was true. His experience with your game, in those two first minutes, seemed more fun to him than his experience with L4D.
    Of course, it’s only his personal experience with these two games, but I wouldn’t assume he just lied to himself or to you. If that is what you ment.

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