Move Done, Internetz Here, Pig Flu Or Something Too, Getting Online…

Just a quick note to everybody to inform that my office move is close to being done (need a new desktop, writing this message when computer is on floor is not a long term solution). I also got internet connection. And my I’ve got like 3 week flu or something (on and off), not sure if it’s pig flu or some rare mongolian rat disease or whatever but at least I’m somewhat living here.

Please feel free to submit your games to Indie Xmas 2009, all comments were moderated and I was offline so you couldn’t see any entries. Now there’s several there. (If you don’t want to “spoil the fun” for yourself, then simply don’t check out other entries).

Anyway. Internet is here so all is good.

Reporting back later. (258 emails to go…)

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Hey, you aren’t supposed to call it Swine/Pig Flu anymore, it is H1N1 =P

    (Stupid people thought they’d get it if they ate pork and stuff)


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