11 thoughts on “I Need a Desktop

  1. I have got this rig “shell” for like 4 years or something. So far it hasn’t been harmful. No need to read it. (nor can’t remember how it ended there…)

  2. I see you have put the windows key sticker on your rig. It’s not a wise thing to do, since you might put your computer in a place it will be difficult to read. Though I remember reading you are supposed legally to put that stikcer on the computer. Is that right?

  3. I do my own cleaning. Screen is 20.21″ (the angle “from high-low” makes things look smaller, same way as taking pics from low-high makes them look bigger)

  4. About the icons of the desktop :STARDOCK FENCES (is free and do a nice job).
    Anyways, the screen looks pretty small, is it that a 17″?

  5. @DtD: aye! :D

    @Marcin: Yes master. I have stolen an additional chair (I couldn’t be arsed to move those books from upstairs to downstairs). Thanks you.

    As for cleaning…:

  6. Tidy up your desktop mate! How can you do anything with that many icons?!

  7. As Marcin Seredynski says, put your screen on your computer and get a lower chair. Examples of chairs that I could recommend: couch, beanchair, a pile of cushions on the floor, etc.

    I’ve done this for LANs before as where I’ve had my computer has not alwasy been condusive to socialising. Never moved with a non-laptop (desktop) before though.

  8. Yeah, as for the “Desktop” of your computer. If you have trouble keeping your desktop clean, make your icons bigger (Ctrl+Scroll Wheel in Windows 7 makes them even bigger than the right-click menu lets you, works in vista too iirc)

    Also: Dual Monitors ftw.

  9. Hehe, Juuso, you’re a moving newbie. You should have put your monitor on your computer for better ergonomics. You can pad it with old programming books for greater comfort, too ;)

  10. Wow how many icons to you have on the desktop. Its like mine, I use http://virtuawin.sourceforge.net/ to tidy it up, have 4 desktops like my linux system, one for general use, one for development, one for QA and the other for office

    Its now cleaned up

  11. lol, were you talking to me on Steam like that?