I Need a Desktop

Not that I’d be bitching or anything but… this current system isn’t going to work for long.

(My computer on floor.)

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I have got this rig “shell” for like 4 years or something. So far it hasn’t been harmful. No need to read it. (nor can’t remember how it ended there…)

  2. I see you have put the windows key sticker on your rig. It’s not a wise thing to do, since you might put your computer in a place it will be difficult to read. Though I remember reading you are supposed legally to put that stikcer on the computer. Is that right?

  3. I do my own cleaning. Screen is 20.21″ (the angle “from high-low” makes things look smaller, same way as taking pics from low-high makes them look bigger)

  4. About the icons of the desktop :STARDOCK FENCES (is free and do a nice job).
    Anyways, the screen looks pretty small, is it that a 17″?

  5. Tidy up your desktop mate! How can you do anything with that many icons?!

  6. As Marcin Seredynski says, put your screen on your computer and get a lower chair. Examples of chairs that I could recommend: couch, beanchair, a pile of cushions on the floor, etc.

    I’ve done this for LANs before as where I’ve had my computer has not alwasy been condusive to socialising. Never moved with a non-laptop (desktop) before though.

  7. Yeah, as for the “Desktop” of your computer. If you have trouble keeping your desktop clean, make your icons bigger (Ctrl+Scroll Wheel in Windows 7 makes them even bigger than the right-click menu lets you, works in vista too iirc)

    Also: Dual Monitors ftw.

  8. Hehe, Juuso, you’re a moving newbie. You should have put your monitor on your computer for better ergonomics. You can pad it with old programming books for greater comfort, too ;)

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