How Would You Survive a Week Without a Computer And Internet?

I moved to a new place in this month (desktop should -perhaps – come on Monday ;)) and was without an internet connection for over a week. This was bit strange to me, since I’ve never been without a computer/internet connection for one week (if you exclude holidays).

Earlier, I’ve always packed computer last – and unpacked it first. This time our move schedule changed (we were supposed to move in the end of November rather than in the beginning), so I couldn’t get internet earlier.

It was somewhat strange experience.

I didn’t miss computer and I had decided not to try to rush with things, but rather do the stuff what I can and do the other stuff later. (For example, my Dead Wake game needs an engine upgrade to ensure video card compatibility: these couple of issues that need to be taken care off before the release.)

It was bit weird to be without email for those 9 days.

But… it was also quite refreshing. I felt pretty “light” for that whole period. I don’t stress about things, and I like doing stuff on computer, but I’m not really an addict. I spend a lot of time on computer, but I also try to spend a lot of time off computer. Having one week off – suddenly – was a bit strange experience but I kind of recharged my batteries. After I get the desktop table, I have great motivation to get things really going on again.

It’s worth taking a break every now and then. A bit longer break.

How would you survive the next week without a computer & internet?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I must say that it feels great to have internez back… and a physical table as well.

  2. I think it’s the best time to shift back to the old source of info AKA books and entertainment AKA board game or cooking …

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