In This Indie Christmas, We Need to See More Beards

The indie games christmas calendar is about to get started. (Got my desktop today, so makes things bit easier for me…). The first calendar door will be available to open tomorrow morning.

Keep on submitting games, even though December is here we’ll squeeze in the indie games somewhere there.

Friend of mine – Steven – has been helping me out with everything. We planned to have also a contest by the end of December, to help get gamers participate. I or Steven will most likely be in touch with you guys about this and tell you what we need (hint: we need prizes).

I’ll send the press release out tomorrow and hint my newsletter readers about this thing. Will be most interesting to see how this all goes.

For this project, I needed a beard of course. Now you guys also need to grow a bread. And comment here (or there) so we can see how it looks in your face.

And I don’t want to hear any excuses about things like “but I’m a girl…” – in this Christmas, you gotta have a beard.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Grow a beard? I already have one! Or as much of one as I’d like at least. No way I’m letting go of my well-trimmed beard for a rugged overgrown bush…like I had some years ago. :)

    Eek, speaking of that: time to go trim the fuzz a li’l!

  2. @Juuso

    The job interview went well. :)
    It’s a very interesting game related job, sort of. But I don’t like to say more about it right now. It might not be relevant anyway. :P

  3. @Jake: :D

    @Scurvy: didn’t work, thanks for the idea though.

    @Sargon: at least one game yeh… there will be more in some days. (job interview? how that went?)

    @Charcoal: cool! :)

    @Toni: perhaps your MS Paint skills are up for the job?

  4. Just released my game, so SHMUP is more then just a demo now!

    Also, I could try for a beard, but I’m not sure I could grow one.
    And even if I tried, I don’t think my girlfriend would let me :P

  5. Juuso: Insert a blank space in the Widget name box. Works in the theme I am using but I guess it will look different depending on the theme.

  6. Oh and juuso, every day there will be one new game? What will you do if there will be more than 24 games?
    Maybe you could show 2 games every day instead?

  7. Ahh, too bad. I just shaved my beard for a job interview.

  8. I was sporting a too ill and lazy to shave for over a week beard last Monday, looked like a tramp/bum.

  9. Btw… does anyone know how to disable showing “widget name” in wordpress sidebar?
    http://indiexmas.com/ -> right side says stuff like “scott_timer” and “calendar-3”.

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