How Long Can You Stay Motivated?

I’ve thought that I’m the kind of guy who gets excited about new things… but then drops motivation quite soon. I might impulse buy stuff that doesn’t get used. At least sometimes.

But… in game development, I find it pretty interesting that this doesn’t seem to be the case.

I developed Edoiki game for couple of calendar years (after which I cancelled it, but I wouldn’t call it lack of motivation – it was more like “too large project” thinking) and now after doing of couple of calendar years Dead Wake I still like to code it (which I now got to IGF and out for sale pretty much tomorrow day after that this week?).

I wonder how it’s been possible to keep the motivation when I’m doing things pretty much solo – with some help of course. I have managed to stay motivated pretty much all the time. Maybe it’s because that for the game project is something that simply keeps me motivated. I’m as excited about the progress of Dead Wake as I was on day 1. (At least if I remember correctly)

What about you? How motivated you are to work on your game? Do you lose your motivation? How you get yourself back to working? Is it easy? Tough?

Share your thoughts please.

Video Editing Tools?

I’ve heard that Sony vegas movie studio is a good tool for video editing, and would like to know if this could suit for me as well. Windows Movie Maker has been working for my purposes just okay until some recent Windows upgrade (or something) that made the fonts incomprehensible).

Now, I’m after some decent tool. Required functionality for my purposes are (I’m using Windows vista):

  • I can put video there
  • I can throw some comments there
  • Some effect thingies are a plus
  • Simplyish user interface (I have no need for ├╝ber pro video editing)
  • No-hassle installation
  • Price: $1 – $100 (I don’t want free)

What tools are you using? If you use Sony Vegas movie studio, how it has been working for you?

Any other recommendations?