Game Producer Christmas Calendar 2009 – Door 4 (Good Place to Buy Xmas Games)

And I mean board games.

I just ordered Nostra City board game from the British shoppe behind Door 4. Paul – the owner – replied to my email in like 35 seconds and the packet was sent in the same day of the order. Prices are good (so good that Finnish guys should order things from there rather than from Finland).

Warmly recommend it.

Good place. Good service. Good prices.

(That’s a marketing recipe for indie game devs as well.)

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Hmm. You could try Dominion, I’ve heard it’s pretty fun. Or Dominion: Intrigue.

    Boardgamegeek.com is good place to start digging. Both for fun and research…

    Or maybe ask Paul (the owner of BoardGameGuru.co.uk) for a recommendation for a 2 player game. :)

  2. I have seen a recommended game for 2 players in the website, it looks nice. Since it would be hard to find people with time and will to play with me, I think a 2 players game is a good idea.
    I could go with the website’s recommendation.
    The purpose of this is both for fun and research. :)

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