GP Xmas Calendar 2009 – Door 9 (What If I’m Wrong?)

A few days ago I blogged about “social gaming” and mentioned the slight chance that I might be wrong.

What if I am wrong?

Feeling quite picturous, so here’s something I found from google to answer to this tricky question: What if I’m wrong?

Answer is behind Door 9.

9 thoughts on “GP Xmas Calendar 2009 – Door 9 (What If I’m Wrong?)

  1. Lumooja

    @Juuso: The multi-meaning of the word “shit” is:
    1) drugs
    2) a good thing (needs the word “the” infront)
    3) a bad thing
    4) waste product of biologial entities
    5) curse word

  2. Hakushi

    Ah ah so true, got the situation today at work. Was working on something for 4days, (an Apache module), i test it, totally crash the dev server, my boss is like “wtf man, spend 4days on it and it doesn’t work at all” , me “shit happens” .
    Simple and efficient.

  3. hermitC

    As long as you had a good reason and some facts to make the statement everything is fine. If an opinion gets refuted: What the heck! The first intention is mostly the best.
    Finally there are always lessons to learn when ‘Shit Happens’. And that sounds good to me.

  4. Lumooja

    You shouldn’t change it, as it’s a standard term. Besides, the multi-meaning of the word was designed to work as intended also, so poo would be more offending as it focusses only on one meaning of the word.


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