Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Being a technical-minded person and looking at it from a producer’s standpoint, I really hate the whole geek holy war thing. There are the right tools for the right job. A distributed system might work well for a distributed open source project, but that doesn’t mean that any other alternatives are stupid and worthless. It took half an hour of bashing centralized repositories for him to finally admit that there might be a use in corporate environments.

    I just find this type of attitude to be counter-productive to getting things done. It might work well if you’re the open source geek hero, but for a large game project (especially something like an MMO), a distributed system doesn’t sound like it’s a good fit. Perhaps I’m wrong, but that video didn’t convince me of that.

  2. I actually haven’t used git – yet.

    One interesting answer on that video about migrate over… Linus mentions that some guys actually use SVN… import stuff to git. Use git to do stuff.. .and then export back to SVN. :)

    I very much dislike the slowness of SVN. That’s why git feels interesting. It also feels worth testing.

  3. That video hasn’t convinced me at all. The fact that he spends about the first 15 minutes beating his Alpha Geek chest to try to cow all the other geeks sets me off. Then it sounds like typical geek holy wars issues where his preferences are THE ONE TRUE WAY(tm), and anyone who needs something else is “stupid and ugly” (as Linus says directly in that video). He ducks a lot of the hard quests people ask; when he’s asked “How do you migrate over to this system without stopping work for 6 months?” he talks about just about anything else besides that topic. He finally does admit that centralized systems have some use, but he starts off saying they’re worthless and obviously his system is superior.

    Maybe Git is awesome, but video doesn’t do it for me. I’ll stick with SVN for now, thanks.

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