What Should I Do With The Xmas Game Submissions…?

I don’t mean to rush anyone, and I was about to close the submission possibility now. There’s so many games that in the following days there’s definitely more than 1 game per day to appear in the xmas site.

My idea is that… I would allow submissions, but only the ones that have been submitted so far would be shown in the site before 24th day. And… on the 24th day there would be a big icon list of ALL games that were submitted. This icon list would stay there for people to test.

I think this could be a nice compromise, as I would hate to close the submissions possibility as you guys clearly are putting new games there.

Hmm. It’s good to think out loud. In the beginning of this blog post (as you can guess from the title) I wasn’t sure how to deal with the submissions but by the end of this blog post (as you can probably guess if you’ve read this far) I now know what to do.

Thanks for your help!

This wasn’t the first time something like this happens. I talk with a collegue, ask out loud what to do with thing A and feature Y and continue talking… and finally I have the decision made before the other guy has even said anything. I’m sure you’ve experienced the same. This was probably the first time this occurred during writing a blog post though.

Juuso Hietalahti