5 thoughts on “GP Xmas Calendar 2009 – Door 13 (Surprise Doors)

  1. I think this one is cool: http://www.bose.com/controller?url=/shop_online/headphones/noise_cancelling_headphones/quietcomfort_15/index.jsp

    Would love one for Xmas since I love having a quiet environment. The price is a bit too high though.

  2. This is my dream Xmas present: http://www.bose.com/controller?url=/shop_online/headphones/noise_cancelling_headphones/quietcomfort_15/index.jsp

    I read a review that said they were almost too good at removing noise around you. Perfect if you enjoy silence but live in a noisy appartment :)

  3. hermitC: hah hah, excellent find!

    sargon, I want santa to bring me one of those. or two.

  4. Nintendo is a always a good choice for Christmas presents:


    Reminds me when my brother and I got our SNES for Christmas. The pyjamas were different :)