GP Xmas Calendar 2009 – Door 15 (Viral Marketing)

The video shown in this blog post has got 24,403,584 views.

That a viral thing. People talk about this. People share this. Other people see this, and share it again. It goes viral.

And gets tons of views.

Now, could somebody list the reasons what make videos go viral. Other reasons than that the video must have cats.

(Check this out)

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I’ve got nothing interesting or constructive…just: that video is brilliant!! Ooo I love cats!!!

  2. I guess what you want to know is, “How can I make a viral video?” Or, even more specifically, “How can I make a video about my game that spreads virally?” By creating content that is, by definition, compelling or provocative. It must compel or provoke the viewer to act upon it. Usually this is done by showing someone something they haven’t seen before, or putting a clever twist on something they have. Before this video, I’ve never seen cats acting this similar to a human conversation. I also know someone who really likes cat videos. I saw something I’d never seen and was compelled to send it on. So oviously, “cute” can make a video viral, but “clever” would probably work better for games.

    We *could* make a list of techniques come up with clever ideas:

    Combine dis-similar objects/scenarios/disciplinary boundaries
    Be irreverent/cryptic/absurd
    Use metaphors


    But in the end, content that become viral evolves over time, builds upon ideas of the past, or is sometimes directly related to current events. I highly doubt a technical formula could be conceived to produce something “viral”.

    It might be interesting, though, to gather what could be considered viral videos about games.

    Cats won’t work for you, Juuso, unless its a zombie cat. There you go! Make a “YouTube Cat Video” with zombie cats. ;)

  3. I can understand what the cats say: Ciao! Groupie… OK! Groupie? Mmmh! OK! OK! OK! Hmm… Groupie? OK! OK, C’mon! Have a bird, bye bye! Groupie! Bye bye! Bye! Groupie! (Licking eachother).

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