GP Xmas Calendar 2009 – Door 18 (Age Limits)

Door 18 brought age limits to my mind. In video games, there’s games that require 18 years of age before you can play them.

I’m wondering if this actually is a good thing.

Is it so that after you have turned into 18, you then can play all short of shit without getting your brain messed up. Why playing Grand Theft Auto at the age of 17 would be any different from playing it at the age of 19. (Btw, I’m not suggesting that GTA would be shit. Merely an example of a K18 game in a general level.)

How can you define “what’s suitable for 18”?

That’s a bloody difficult question.

I guess we have to simply draw the line somewhere and help parents and people to draw their own lines.

Maybe I should have easier topics in this xmas calendar. Things like this.


Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Well, I think it’s a good think some games can’t be played for children under 18.
    There’re some games which are violent, sex explicit or just inappropiated for them.
    I’m a father of two boys, 8yo and 12yo and I dont’ like them playing video games which aren’t made for their ages.

    What I do is playing with them so I can control what they play and the have fun with daddy.
    We are playing Planet51 online at the moment, because we went to watch the movie and totally loved it! http://www.planet51online.com
    it’s an MMO game, and here you have the link if you wanna play.

    Well, hope my comment it’s worthy.
    bye and thank you!!

  2. Well, it’s a bit odd because kids from any age are exposed to bad things. For instance, news telling about murder cases and other horrible stuff. The internetz got a lot of bad content.
    On the other hand, just because are exposed to bad things, it doesn’t mean that you need to add oil to the camp and allow everyone to watch everything.
    I think they draw the line, because teenagers’ brains and personality are going through big changes until about the age of 18. Teenagers can be very manipulated and influenced by stuff.

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